Introduction to Body Memory

Course Information

Instructor:  Jonathan Tripodi

Class Price:  $625 USD
Retake Price:  $350 USD
$575 with early registration!

Class Size 10-30 Students

Kindle or Audible copy included with registration

Book a Private Class

Jonathan Tripodi, the founder of the BMR Approach, offers 1:1 training for BMR training modules 1-4. In each course, you and Jonathan will practice giving and receiving all learned BMR techniques with each other.

Unlike the group classes, you will receive direct feedback from Jonathan on your BMR touch. You will also have his undivided attention for questions.

Jonathan’s experience teaching 1:1 classes is that the students proficiency and confidence is greatly enhanced in a shorter period of time. Private courses can be scheduled anytime throughout the year.

Benefits of a Private Class:

  • Direct feedback by the Instructor on all learned techniques.
  • Accelerated learning and proficiency.
  • Perfected practice of BMR and confidence in a short period of time.
  • Available anytime throughout the year when your schedule and the instructors allow.

3 days per module/Scheduled Upon Request
Contact the Instructor to Schedule:

Private Class: Intro to Body Memory
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Course Description

Body memory refers to the energy of past experiences that is being held in the body and that a person is still afraid of and protecting themself from.

Body Memory Recall (BMR) utilizes enlightened touch in support of a person’s desire to disarm outdated protective responses and restore conductivity to body memory so that they can be fully release, integrate and resolve them.

Body memory transformation is a natural, innate ability of the body that restores health, vitality, and power to a person while bringing them more fully and peacefully into the present moment.

This class includes:
  • BMR Instruction Manual, Professional Edition
  • A copy of Jonathan’s book, Freedom From Body Memory.
  • A thorough introduction to the concept of body memory and how it affects both mind and body
  • Learn, practice, and apply BMR protocol and techniques
  • Receive and experience BMR techniques and healing
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to technique review videos online

Take Your Next Evolutionary Step!

  • Discover your innate healing intelligence.
  • Learn the Body Memory Paradigm that is evolving in Science and Therapeutics.
  • Awaken your courage to become free from the past.
  • Empower yourself with knowledge, tools and experience to help others achieve lasting change and transformation in their body and life.

Body Memory Recall (BMR)  Training Seminars

  • Healthcare professionals, healers and lay people alike can attend.
  • Intro to Body Memory is a prerequisite for taking subsequent BMR training classes
  • Beyond Memory requires prerequisites: Intro to Body Memory, Twists & Turns, Body Armor, and Subtle Energy


Course Outcomes

The Introduction to Body Memory Seminar provides the foundational knowledge of what is body memory, how it develops, the anatomy of body memory, symptoms of body memory, and the four stage process of body memory transformation.

In this Introductory Seminar, students will learn to apply the BMR techniques using the BMR hands-on protocol. This protocol is specifically designed to provide the safety and energy needed for a person to come out of survival mode and into a natural, innate self-healing state. In so doing, a person is able to release and resolve months, years, and eventually a lifetime of stress.

You will also learn the Body Memory Model that incorporates the latest breakthroughs in biophysics. This model describes human anatomy as a medium for the communication of one’s thoughts, emotions and experiences.  Oftentimes, when these thoughts, emotions and experiences are overwhelming, they are suppressed as a means to survive.  The BMR approach supports a person’s desire to release suppressed energy so that they may achieve greater health, vitality and self-empowerment.

All BMR training seminars emphasize experiential learning through one-on-one practice sessions.  You will learn to apply BMR techniques to others as well as receive them.  This process enables you to understand the full scope of BMR healing as a client and as a practitioner.  Jonathan Tripodi and his highly trained assistant instructors are present for the entirety of the class and intimately supervise each student.

2020 BMR Seminars

BMR Training:

Introduction to Body Memory
August 21-23: Sedona, AZ

Twists & Turns 
September 28-30: Sedona, AZ

Body Armor
October 2-4: Sedona, AZ

Subtle Energy
dates to be announced

BMR Certification
Contact us to schedule

Group Retreats:

Unwinding Body Memory
August 28-30: Sedona, AZ

Unwinding the Pelvis
September 18-20: Timmins, ON
October 22-24: Sedona, AZ

Advanced Unwinding
dates to be announced

Ecstatic Potential
October 26-28: Sedona, AZ

Sedona Journey Retreat
May 20-23: Sedona, AZ
November 4-7: Sedona, AZ

Course Itinerary & Content

  • Student Introductions
  • Lecture on Body Memory
  • BMR Hands-on Protocol
  • Evaluation Techniques
  • BMR Hands-on Techniques
    • Arms, Legs & Neck
    • Sacrum & Spine
    • Pelvic Floor, Respiratory Diaphragm, & Thoracic Inlet
    • Stomach & Liver
    • Cranium
  • Class Discussions on Mind-Body Connection & Transformational Process
  • Technique Review Video/24 Hour Online Access

BMR Training Policy: Training in Body Memory Recall does not provide you with a hands-on license. Practitioners must abide by the rules and/or laws that govern healthcare practices in their area and expertise and work within the professional scope of their license.

Cancellation Policy: Your registration fee is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to a seminar or retreat minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations made inside of 30 days are not refundable but transferable to another seminar or retreat at any time in the future. Cancellation requests must be made in writing.

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