Sedona Journey Unwinding Retreat - Body Memory Recall

The New Sedona Journey
Unwinding Retreat

Liberate your body of accumulated stress, emotion and pain.

Awaken to your inner source of healing.

Get a vision for your next evolutionary step in life.

This Journey includes:

  • Rejuvenating Nature Hikes
  • Meditative Mountain Climbing
  • Body Memory Recall (BMR) Healing in Sedona’s Energy Vortexes.
  • Native American Ceremony.

 Sedona Journey Unwinding Retreat: Sedona, Arizona
May 20-23, 2020 **NEW DATE**

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 Sedona Journey Unwinding Retreat: Sedona, Arizona
November 4-7, 2020 

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RETAKE The Sedona Journey
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Retreat Leader:  Jonathan Tripodi
4 days, 9am to 4pm daily

Kindle or Audible copy included with registration

Journey of Transformation!
The Sedona Journey Unwinding Retreat is a 4 day, outdoor retreat in the foothills and on the mountain tops in Sedona Arizona. Participants sleep indoors at accommodations of their choice. The group meets each day 9am with food, water and backpack – ready to go! As a guide, Jonathan will lead the group to some of the most beautiful and powerful areas of Sedona to experience transformational healing, Native American Ceremony and spectacular site seeing.

Within Sedona’s red rock mountains there exists natural, yet powerful energy vortexes.  Native Americans of long ago recognized the healing power of Sedona’s mountains and traveled there for sacred “Vision Quests”.  It is within these vortexes that Jonathan will share the Body Memory Recall (BMR) techniques that he developed in 1997.  With Jonathan’s guidance, the group will apply the BMR techniques to each other to release accumulated stress, heal old wounds, and emerge more free and vital.  Healing exercises are intermixed with spectacular site seeing, hiking, climbing, and play.

Nature as Healer
This 4-day trek takes place around ancient trees, mountains, and streams where birds, lizards, wild pigs, mountain lions and coyotes roam free.   Throughout the Journey, we will absorb all of the healing and rejuvenating energy of Mother Nature and her elements.  This includes swimming in streams, hiking in red rock mountains, and taking in all of the majesty this land has to offer.

Native American Ceremony
A Native American Inipi Ceremony (commonly referred to as a sweat lodge) is provided by Adam Yellow Bird. Jonathan also provides a Peace Pipe Ceremony in the tradition and lineage of Sun Bear and the Panther Wind Medicine Society, of which he is a member. These Native Ceremonies are an optional, special addition to the Journey and are opportunities to experience ancient healing in a good way.  More information about these ceremonies are included in your confirmation package.

Embrace Your Journey!
This Journey is designed for most everyone to enjoy. There is no special conditioning or athletic ability required. Hiking and climbing is taken at a “meditative” pace – which means focused and with awareness.  However, meditative does not mean easy.  Expect to get a good work out. Mountain climbing is an integral part of the transformation that takes place on the Journey.  The challenges that are experienced help individuals to overcome fears and discover their inner strength and power. Jonathan, his assistants, the group, and Sedona’s ENERGY are there to support you every step of the way

If you have any concerns about your ability to participate, please contact Jonathan at

The BMR Studio / private 1br:

White House Inn: 928-282-6680
The Sky Ranch Lodge: 928-282-6400
The Sedona Super 8: 928-282-1533
The Best Western Inn of Sedona: 800-292-6344

Fly into Phoenix Int’l Airport. It is a scenic 2 hour drive north from Phoenix to Sedona.
Sedona Visitor Information Center


A complete packet of information will be mailed to you once you have registered.

BMR Training Policy: Training in Body Memory Recall does not provide you with a hands-on license. Practitioners must abide by the rules and/or laws that govern healthcare practices in their area and expertise and work within the professional scope of their license.

Cancellation Policy: Your registration fee is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to a seminar or retreat minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations made inside of 30 days are not refundable but transferable to another seminar or retreat at any time in the future. Cancellation requests must be made in writing.

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