Energetic Intimacy

Wholistic Intimacy Coaches
Jonathan Tripodi & Angie Temple

Jonathan teaches solo to smaller classes.

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Module 2: Energetic Intimacy

* For Individuals & Couples ages 18 and up.

Recommendations: Module 1 Wholistic Communications (but not required)

The emphasis of Module 2 is to more confidently hold space, navigate triggers, communicate emotionally charged issues, and cultivate deeper connection, honesty, and communion with yourself and others.

Day 1: We will review the communication tools and techniques we learned in Module 1. For those who did not take module 1, you will get a crash course. We will apply these tools for holding space and communication to navigate your top 3 emotional triggers and bring deeper healing to your current relationship issues.

Day 2: Often times we feel unmet in relationship. Being unmet is where parts of us are unexpressed, unreceived and unreciprocated. Where we are unmet, we are unfulfilled, unhappy and feel stunted in our growth.

We will learn introductory tools and techniques to cultivate being met more fully. These techniques will help broaden the exchange of connection, energy and intimacy in relationship with yourself and others. Specifically, we will:

  • Discuss an Energy model for Intimacy
  • Outline the body’s pathways and centers where various energy is generated and exchanged
  • Outline the common blocks to intimacy that stem from blocked energy
  • Learn techniques to consciously clear blocks and circulate energy within your own body and with a partner using breath, movement, sound and eye contact.

Day 2 sets the foundation for Module 3: Ecstatic Potential, in which you will learn more advanced techniques for clearing blocks to intimacy and cultivating extraordinary communion on all levels.

Upcoming Dates to Be Announced

The Class:

  • Partnered Communication Exercises
  • Class Discussions

Day 1: 
Evening, 7-9pm

Day 2 & 3 

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