Stories of Hope

Stories of Hope are real life stories of transformation, self-discovery, and empowerment that occurred as a result of receiving Body Memory Recall (BMR) healing sessions and attending BMR training seminars and retreats.

These stories are intended to be a source of inspiration to those who are suffering and so that more and more people will discover their innate ability to transform themselves from their past.

“You are not only capable of transformation, you are designed for it!”

– Jonathan Tripodi – Founder of the BMR Approach

Stories from Inspired Body Memory Recall Participants

BMR – Honoring the Body



Diane Long


In one of my BMR sessions, I was able to cry for things I had never cried for, grieve for losses I had never grieved for, be held in ways I had never been held.  It made me aware of things I yearned for but did not recognize as possible because I had never experienced them before. 

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Beating Fear and Secrecy



Brian Cupples

When I arrived at Jonathan’s studio, early in September 2011, I noticed the license plate which translated read…”transformation”.

My journey here began some 53 years ago. At this writing, I am a 56 year old male. From the age of 3 years to 11 years, I was routinely physically, emotionally and sexually

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Freedom and Closure



Stella Ray

Unlike other body work I have experienced, BMR totally blew my mind. It is not just body work, it has connected body and spirit, in a most powerful way.

I felt completely free (for the first time since I can remember) to move in any way I want: scream, kick, hit the table, whatever!

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Winning the Battle with Weight, Depression, Pain, & Gender Identity



Rebecca Anne Shipman

My Journey of Transformation: My initial exposure BMR was during the Sedona Journey Retreat in May 2012.  I attended the Journey mostly to be supportive to a friend who invited me to join her.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, enjoyed the Sedona area, and felt really comfortable with Jonathan.

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Communication & Appreciation



Claudia Kaml


It is October and this time my husband and I decided to come together with our two children, 8 and 10 years old, to Sedona for a BMR healing retreat. We both have already spent an entire week with intensive body memory release sessions in August this year in Sedona, a wonderful town in Arizona.

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