Couples Transformation

Your Time to Heal

with Jonathan A. Tripodi BA, BS, Author, BMR Founder & Practitioner

Experience the Power and Intimacy of Relationship Transformation!

Jonathan Tripodi provides 25+ years experience in the transformational arts and has worked with over 2,500 clients. He approaches relationship as a spiritual path to cultivate one’s best version of themselves.

With education, tools, relational wisdom, and loving support he helps couples to not only transform an issue but to become empowered to embrace relationship transformation throughout their life.

Step 1: Phone Consultation

Schedule a phone consultation with Jonathan to discuss your primary relationship issue and your desires for transforming it.

Phone consults are scheduled for each individual first and then followed by a group conference call between the couple and Jonathan.

The intent of the individual consultation is for Jonathan to get to know each person’s unique experience of the primary issue, their fears and concerns, and any related history that the issue is triggering.

During the conference call, the couple has an opportunity to express their desires for change, their needs for support in the process, and to have their questions addressed. Ultimately, the result of the conference call is to customize an action plan that best meets the couple’s needs and which incorporates Jonathan’s services and tools for transformation described below.

Step 2: Astrological Readings

Jonathan utilizes astrology to gain objective insight into each individuals make-up (Natal Chart) and their relationship (Relationship Chart). This insight helps to better understand the nature of their primary relationship issue and how to best approach it.

The Natal chart also reveals a person’s strengths and weaknesses with regard to relationship and communication. Weaknesses reveal where we need specific support. With that right support, weaknesses can be strengthened.

The Relationship chart reveals the dynamics of energy between two people. Jonathan utilizes astrological insight to help couples better understand the bonding agents between them, challenges and areas of friction. With objective clarity, Jonathan helps couples to strategize an approach that will strengthen areas of weakness and harmonize dynamics of friction.

To create an Astrological Chart, Jonathan needs your birth date, birth time and location of birth (city/state).

Natal Chart: $125
Relationship Chart/Composite Chart: $125

Step 3: Couples Retreat

Customize a 3-day or 5-day Couples Retreat with services that best meet your needs. Services are as follow:

Communication Training: Jonathan will teach you “The Bubble Technique” – a formal step-by-step protocol for communicating that will enable you both to connect in your hearts and spirit and bring forward progress on any topic or unresolved issue.

Body Memory Recall (BMR): Relationships often bring issues to the surface that are linked to similar unresolved issues from your past. BMR provides enlightened touch to the body that helps a person to connect to suppressed emotional memory and let it go. In so doing, a person is able to come to peace with the past and navigate current issues with greater ease and success.

In preparation for BMR sessions, Jonathan recommends reading his book “Freedom from Body Memory.” You can also learn more about body memory and Jonathan’s BMR Approach at:

Meditation Training: Jonathan provides training in simple meditations that will immediately shift you out of the stressful/emotional/reactive part of the brain (The Limbic System) and into the peaceful/wise/responsive part of the brain (The Pre-frontal Cortex).

These meditations will empower you throughout your life to reset yourself during emotional stress and strife. When practiced with your partner, these meditations will bond the two of you spiritually and are a great prelude to communication around your issues.

Intimacy Training: Jonathan provides couples with intimacy training to broaden the scope of their intimacy and rekindle their passion. His approach to intimacy is multi-dimensional; merging sexuality with emotion, heart and spirit. He will share his 25+ years of insight and experience in helping couples heal intimacy breakdown and cultivating ecstatic communion.

Nature Hikes & Climbs: Your Couples Retreat takes place in Sedona Arizona – one of the scenic wonders of the world. The Red Rock Mountains are powerful healers – saturated with quartz crystal and emitting “vortex” energy. Jonathan will take you one hikes and climbs into some of the more powerful and remote areas of Sedona for your Communication and Meditation training.

Itinerary & Fees

Each day includes 4.5 hours of services.

A typical schedule is 10am-12 noon and 2pm-4:30pm.

Couples customize their Retreat with Jonathan during a phone consultation to determine what combination best meets their needs and desires.

Once dates are confirmed, you can pay for your Couples Retreat below.

To schedule your Couples Retreat contact Jonathan Tripodi. Email:
Phone: 757-491-0726

BMR Training Policy: Training in Body Memory Recall does not provide you with a hands-on license. Practitioners must abide by the rules and/or laws that govern healthcare practices in their area and expertise and work within the professional scope of their license.

Cancellation Policy: Your registration fee is fully refundable up to 30 days prior to a seminar or retreat minus a $50 processing fee. Cancellations made inside of 30 days are not refundable but transferable to another seminar or retreat at any time in the future. Cancellation requests must be made in writing.

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