Body Memory Recall Assistant Instructors


Angie Temple

Angie has successfully completed the BMR training series and provides TEAM BMR sessions with Jonathan in Sedona. She is also co-facilitator for the I-Possible Retreats, including The Sedona Journey and The Voice Of Freedom.Angie has a passion for helping others to heal and transform their lives.  BMR was the key to her own healing after 11 years of suffering from chronic pain and Fibromyalgia.  Her goal is to educate about the powerful healing magic of Body Memory Recall and empower others to live a healthy, joyful life.


Rosemary Taylor

Rosie Taylor, CMT became certified in Body Memory Recall in 2003 and has since served as an assistant instructor for Jonathan Tripodi’s Body Memory Recall training seminars. In 2004, Rosie received her massage certification from The Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy and has been a student and teacher of yoga for 35 years. For the last 7 years Rosie has explored the ecstatic and intimate world of Tantra studying with Margot Anand, Phil Love, Harold Kornylak, Jack Painter and Jelle Bode from Holland. Rosie’s intuition is keen and she posses extraordinary touch and dialogue skills that enable individuals to get to the heart of their challenges. Her calm, nurturing touch and demeanor support healing and transformation to occur on all levels.

Melina Steinhart

Melina Steinhart

Melina became certified in Body Memory Recall in 2013, and serves as an assistant instructor for Jonathan Tripodi’s Body Memory Training Seminars.

She was vital in the production of the German language version of Freedom From Body Memory.

She also liaises with our European friends to host and maintain BMR events overseas.

For those wishing to communicate in German, please contact Melina.

Body Memory Recall Facilitators


Mario Cruz

Mario Cruz provides Native American Sweatlodge (Inipi) ceremonies for the Sedona Retreat Participants. Native Americans of long ago recognized the healing energy of Sedona’s red rock mountains and visited there for sacred ceremony. Mario is a Sundancer and native elder. He will provide you with an education of the Sweatlodge ceremony as well as an opportunity to experience it “in a good way”.


Wind Daughter

Wind Daughter is the adopted daughter of BearHeart – a multi-tribal spiritual leader of the Muskogee Nation-Creek Tribe. Since December 1995, she has served as the Medicine Chief of The Bear Tribe Medicine Society – an organization founded by the late SunBear – an Ojibwa elder who received a vision in the 1970’s that all people, sincere of heart, should be able to receive the healing and spiritual benefits of Native Ceremony.   In 1992, Wind Daughter founded West Winds – an organization that supports freedom of spiritual expression and one’s spiritual connection to Mother Earth.Recently, Spirit has given Wind Daughter a new name, Panther Wind Woman.  She has developed experiential workshops and retreats to help others deepen their relationship to their Spirit and to Mother Earth. As a trained ceremonialist, Panther Wind Woman works regionally and nationally facilitating healing through ceremony and Native teachings.

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