Therapist - Lynn Callisto Pell - Body Memory Recall
Lynn Callisto Pell - BMR  Pracitioner

Callisto (Lynn) Pell

Master Vedic, Cl. Herbalist, Spiritual Facilitator ~ White Tiger Mansions Founder

White Tiger Mansions ~ In The Quiet
Timmins Ontario

Callisto (Lynn) Pell, Master Vedic, CL. Herbalist, Spiritual Facilitator

My motto is: “I am Enough ~ I know who I am, Where I come from & Where I am Going”

I am a humble Facilitator, a Modern Mystic, a Divine Channel of Healing & Service, as God directs my life, for the good of all sentient beings.

I love and live life to the fullest. My hobbies include mountain bike riding, snowshoeing, wild-crafting, fishing, gardening, music and cooking. My passionate research & studies, which span over four (4) decades, are vast. In my quest of discovering my Mission, I have been fortunate to have traveled the world.

I am Shaolin Kung Fu & Chi Gong Practitioner.I have a clinical education as a Planetary Herbalist, with a passion for Ayurveda. My daily Yoga training spans over 25 years. I’ve studied, met and worked with Deepak Chopra (Primordial Meditation), Carolyn Myss (Medical Intuitive), Jenika Bronson (Yogini – Breath Mantra Therapist), Chaty Secaira (Las Piramides Del Ka), Todd Coldecott, (Herbalist Ayurveda) Jonathan A. Tripodi (B.M.R. Founder), to name a few.

In the privacy of my studio, women are taught to embrace the power of self-healing with customized therapeutic exercises and tools to renew their life-force. Herein all are Divinely Guided to embrace the power of Light, Love and Bliss. The Interior guidance may include:

· In the Quiet ~ A Meditation Practice
· The Sanctuary ~ Spiritual Guidance
· Chalice Healing ~ Organic Ceremonial Teas
· Unveiled Botanical Care ~ Earths Healing Nectar of Herbs and Food
· Harmony Somatic Yoga ~ Yoga flow for balanced energy.
· Fluid Breath ~ Ancient Pranayama Kriyas; Yogic Breathing Techniques
· Shaluha-Ka ~ A Healing Technique and Meditation Practice based on the Tree of Life, from the Kabbalistic Tradition
· Body Memory Recall ~ Healing the energetic matrix from past experiences with hands on tissue re-patterning.
· Vedic Ayurvedic Consultations ~ Jyotisha (Astrology Initiate)
· Atlantean Hermetic Readings: Tarot and Numerology, Past Life & Aura sessions.

Contact Lynn at:
Callisto (Lynn) Pell
White Tiger Mansions ~ In The Quiet
Timmins Ontario

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