Freedom From Body Memory: The Book

An introduction from the author, Jonathan Tripodi

Now Available in New Second Edition Print

Discover your innate ability to heal your pain, liberate your fears, grow from your past, and become more alive and empowered in the present! Gift this book to educate and inspire others to transform!

Those that read Jonathan’s book experience more powerful results from Body Memory Recall sessions!

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Table of Contents
Part I: My Body Memory Experience
The Roots of Body Memory
Searching for Answers
My Body Memory Transformation— from Survival to Healing
The Birth of Body Memory Recall
Part II: The History and Science of Body Memory
The Founders of Body Memory
The Science Behind Body Memory
Part III: How Your Past Becomes Pain
Mapping Body Memory
The Freeze Response: Where Body Memory Begins
Body Armor
Part IV: Treating Body Memory
The Body Memory Recall Approach
The Four Phases of Body Memory Transformation
Why Remember?Conclusion
About the Author
Appendix: My Top Ten BMR-Patient Experiences
Table of Common Body Memory Conditions

About the Author:

Jonathan A. Tripodi

Author of “Freedom From Body Memory”
& Founder of the Body Memory Recall (BMR) Approach 

• Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church Monastery
• BS Physical Therapy
• BA Movement & Sports Science

For almost two decades Jonathan has explored body memory and its relationship to chronic pain, stress, illness, and behavior. His Body Memory Recall – BMR – approach has supported thousands of individuals to heal old wounds and experience renewed states of health, vitality, and function. His approach to therapeutic bodywork supports one to come out of survival mode and surrender to one’s self-healing intelligence. In so doing, a person can release accumulated stress, fear and pain from past experiences, and actualize renewed states of health, vitality, inner peace, and joy.

Jonathan Tripodi

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