Book - Body Memory Recall

Freedom From Body Memory:

Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past by Jonathan A. Tripodi

After reading the book, I had absolutely no questions about the science, the process, the reactions, and the eventual path to the happiness we all seek… I am excited to continue learning this loving, and full-body/mind/spirit approach to self-healing.

Online Review, September 2012

Discover your body’s innate self-healing intelligence that has the power to transform suppressed stress, pain and emotion from your past

Jonathan’s book provides a solid foundation for body-centered healing and transformation.

Reading his book is the best way to prepare for his BMR Healing Intensives, BMR Training Courses , or Retreats.

Available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook.

If residue from past traumatic events is something you’re looking at for more information on, I would tell you this has been a more-than-interesting read, and, as it was for me, a solid place to start on an exploration into body memory dynamics.

Online Review, October 2012

Jonathan does a great job of taking an abstract concept of treatment and explaining it easily and specifically for a lay person.

I’ve learned that our bodies are our best teachers and play a huge part in our healing journey.

Online Review, Jan 2018

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About the Author:

Jonathan A. Tripodi

  • Author of Freedom from Body Memory
  • Universal Life Church Minister
  • International Educator
  • BS Physical Therapy
  • BS Movement & Sports Science

For 25+ years Jonathan has explored body memory and its relationship to chronic pain, stress, illness, and behavior. His Body Memory Recall – BMR – approach has supported thousands of individuals to heal old wounds and experience, renewing states of peace, power, joy and wisdom.

Jonathan Tripodi

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