Jonathan, Author at Body Memory Recall

Becoming Emotionally Fluid & Fearless


Clearing Past Emotions

The physical changes that flow through our body while experiencing emotion can be of high impact. Often though, we don’t allow the emotion to clear fully and it continues to build, causing tension and pain.

My Awakening to Body Memory: A Personal Memoir


“It’s ok, Jonathan! You have been hit by a car, but you are going to be alright.”

My mother was a blur to me but I heard her reassuring voice before I slipped back into unconsciousness, as the ambulance raced me to the hospital. I was five years old and had been hit by a car while walking across the road in front of my house. The driver was intoxicated and his car hit me going forty-five miles per hour. My body was tossed fifty feet and landed in the neighbor’s gravel driveway, where I laid unconscious…

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