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Meet Jonathan Tripodi

Jonathan A. Tripodi

  • Author of Freedom from Body Memory
  • Universal Life Church Minister
  • International Educator
  • BS Physical Therapy
  • BS Movement & Sports Science

For 25+ years Jonathan has explored body memory and its relationship to chronic pain, stress, illness and behavior. His Body Memory Recall – BMR – approach has supported thousands of individuals to heal old wounds and experience renewed states of health, vitality, and function.

BMR consists of enlightened touch to the body which supports a person to come out of survival mode and into a self-healing state. In so doing, a person is able to release suppressed suffering from their body.

Jonathan devotes his time and energy entirely to his healing ministry (Freedom from Body Memory) which includes educating the public and healthcare professionals about the body memory phenomenon and his unique BMR healing approach. He teaches the BMR nationwide and is the author of Freedom from Body Memory – Awaken the Courage to Let Go of the Past. His book is the first of its kind in that it provides his personal awakening to body memory in addition to the current scientific, historical and clinical evidence of the body memory phenomenon.

Jonathan, his wife Angela and fur-baby girl Lily currently reside in Sedona Arizona.

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Personal Note from Jonathan:

My healing from a life-threatening circulatory condition, described in my book Freedom from Body Memory taught me that we are not just capable of transformation, we are designed for it.

I have since discovered that the power to heal and transform is equally as great as the power to survive. The only difference is that survival is a familiar experienced and practically a habit, while transformation is more foreign. But, like any relationship, the one with your inner healer can be cultivated to establish familiarity, trust, and confidence. If you commit to such a relationship, I trust you will experience, as I did, healing that will intrigue, inspire and transform you.

Over the years, I have also concluded that clearing body memory and creating new healthy programming is fundamental for creating health, peace, and happiness, both within yourself and in your relationships with others. Furthermore, health problems that are chronic or attributed to “old age” can be directly related to the degenerative effect of body memory that has accumulated over a lifetime.

You, I, science and the medical profession may not yet fully understand how the body contains memory or how the body’s self-healing intelligence can transform it, but that lack of understanding has not prevented the thousands of people I have treated from experiencing these phenomenon’s.

The ability to experience the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual freedom that results from body memory transformation has not, in my experience, been contingent on fully understanding it. Rather, courage and an open mind and open heart seem to be the keys to experiencing this natural, innate power.

I hope my book and website will open your mind to the mysteries of body memory and inspire you to explore your innate healing abilities that can clear you of past stress, pain and suffering so that you can experience the wonders of living more freely, peacefully and creatively beyond the limits of past programming.

Medical Disclaimer:
Rev. Jonathan Tripodi is NOT a licensed physician or therapist and therefore does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. In all cases, Jonathan Tripodi recommends that you consult your physician or healthcare professional before pursuing any course of hands-on healing or spiritual counseling.

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